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Dr. Jerry Rankin,
Former President of IMB

The Macedonian Call Foundation will provide a needed and greatly appreciated ministry for Mississippi missionaries during their furlough in the States.  With limited resources, missionaries have often been stretched to provide transportation for their family during furlough and then hit by depreciated values at resale upon their return to the field.  Support of the Macedonian Call will be a blessing to missionary families and reflect the strong support of Mississippi Baptists for missions around the world.

Dr. Jim Futral,
MBC Executive Director

In the Book of Acts when we read of the Macedonial Call it was an invitation to come and help those who were spreading the Gospel in Macedonia. This Macedonian Call too is a special opportunity to help those who are spreading the Gospel around the world.

Often you and I are challenged to pray for and give in order to keep the missionaries on the field, to keep the Word going out, to help in the glorious missionary strategy. Rarely do we think about that aspect of missionary service referred to as furlough. It is only that a few months to a year that our missionaries come back home. While they continue to receive support, life is radically different when they come back home. The Macedonian Call helps provide our missionaries with dependable transportation that is ready for them and is not a burden either to find or to dispose of.

Hearing and answering the Macedonian Call made an eternal difference in the New Testament. Today, through us, it still makes a difference.

Jim Didlake,
Director of Baptist Men

The Macedonian Call Foundation meets a critical need of Mississippi Missionaries by supplying transportation when they are on state side assignment.  Since our missionaries are only here for brief periods, finding a useable vehicle that they can afford can prove to be a great burden.  Today you can assist in aiding them by helping Macedonian Call provide this transportation.

The plan is simple, but it needs dedicated believers to make it work.  You can assist through monetary gifts or the donation of vehicles that you no longer need. Macedonian Call has been developed to help you help these missionaries that we love so much.  I believe this is one of the most unique opportunities for ministry in our state today.

Kay Cassibry,
Director of MS WMU

As Mississippi Baptists, we are truly blessed that God has called out such a special group of people to serve as missionaries all over our world.  Macedonian Call has heard the needs of our missionaries and are meeting these needs in a very practical hands-on way.  By providing transportation our missionaries are able to continue their work while home on state side assignment.  Thank you Macedonian Call for your sensitivity and your commitment to taking care of our missionaries.

Betty W. Davis,
President of MS WMU

Every one of us can let missions support be a part of our lifestyles.  Our Cooperative Program and special offerings provide necessities to missionaries as they serve where God has placed them.  We can also help them while they are on stateside assignment.  Missionaries stay busy traveling and sharing about their work while they are in the states.  They need a way to travel economically.

The Macedonian Call Foundation furnishes vehicles for missionaries while they are in the United States.  If you do not have an extra car, but you still want to be a part of this ministry, you can provide money for parts and upkeep on existing cars.

Please pray about how you can give support to this wonderful organization.

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