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Macedonian Call Foundation
of Mississippi
P. O. Box 156
Ridgeland, MS 39158-0156
Phone: 1-601-499-5133
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    Mr. Tom Hearon and his wife, Jane, began the Macedonian Call Foundation of Mississippi (MCFMS) in 1998 in cooperation with the Missionary Parents Association. Tom, as the President of MCFMS expressed the reason for beginning the foundation in the following way: "Being a Southern Baptist all my life and having a son that is a missionary makes me keenly aware of the difficulty missionaries have in securing transportation when they are on furlough, especially short furloughs. In 1982, the foundation in Texas caught the vision of Baptists donating used autos to a non-profit, tax deductible foundation for the use of our missionaries. Our Christian brothers and sisters have responded and a fairly large number of cars are now available to the missionaries in the area they serve. We in Mississippi hope we can do the same thing for the IMB missionaries in our area."


    MCFMS is a Christian organization supported by donations and operated by volunteers. Therefore, there are limitations to what we can provide with the vehicle you use. We realize it is very difficult for a missionary to buy an automobile for a short term rather than the full-term furloughing IMB missionaries. If you are coming home for two (2) weeks to three (3) months you would get first priority. Those coming for three (3) to six (6) months would be second priority, and those coming home for as long as one (1) year would be third priority. Our general policy allows us to provide a vehicle for up to twelve (12) months only; however, if unusual circumstances require a longer lease, the request will be submitted to the board for consideration. Missionaries leaving the International Mission Board (IMB) or retiring may arrange for use of an automobile for no longer than three months.

    MCFMS provides vehicles for IMB missionaries on stateside assignment who have a Mississippi connection, (have a sending Mississippi church or are in mission partnership with a Mississippi church) and who will be residing in Mississippi or a contiguous state while in the USA.

    In order to fulfill our purpose, the following policies are required:

      We assume the responsibility of paying the taxes and inspection on your vehicle. However, if you have the vehicle in your use when inspection comes due, then it is your responsibility. If a tag comes due, please notify us in time and we will mail you a new tag at our expense.

      We do considerable repairs and maintenance before you get the vehicle. Please return autos in the same condition in which they were received (recent oil change, clean filter, lube, clean, and in the same state of repair). We know you have tight schedules, but there is usually another missionary waiting to pick up the car you return. They deserve the same courtesy that you would expect.

    3. REPAIRS
      Since we operate on donations only and have limited funds, repairs on the vehicle in use are the responsibility of the missionary. These are not new cars. There will be some repairs. If you were driving your own vehicle, it would need repairs also. If the vehicle has a major break- down (engine or transmission) and is 10 years or older, please do not feel obligated to repair the vehicle until you contact us. There is a way however, to minimize breakdowns - see the next section, "Routine Maintenance".

      An ounce of prevention can save you many "pounds" of cure! Very frequently check all fluid levels (engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, battery, water, etc). Most breakdowns are caused by neglect of fluid levels. Also keep a close check on the air conditioner Freon. The key is regular routine maintenance. The vehicle should never be driven over 2,500 miles without a lube - oil - filter check. Please keep a maintenance sticker on the windshield or doorpost, showing the last time maintenance was performed. It will help you and us to take conscientious care of what the Lord has provided. In this part of the country, an air conditioner is a must, but if we are to provide them, you must cautiously maintain them.

      If the air conditioner stops cooling, turn it off immediately and have it checked for a leak or low Freon. Never operate an air conditioner with no or low Freon. If it is operated low on Freon, the compressor will be ruined and you will be out a sizable expense.

      Our Insurance program is structured as follows:

      1. Responsible Party
        The MCFMS carries liability insurance of $1,000,000 combined single limits bodily injury and property damage that protects you and your family; $5000 Auto Medical payments and uninsured motorist; $1000,000 bodily injury/property damage. Property damage uninsured motorist is subject to $200 deductible.

        Comprehensive and collision may be afforded depending on the age and condition of the vehicle. When this coverage is included in the package, it is subject to a $1000 deductible per accident.

      2. Drivers
        Those eligible to drive these autos must be licensed drivers.

      All autos are to be picked up and returned to Jackson, MS according to agreement before the date of delivery. To make arrangements, contact:

              Bob Haller
              Email: mcfmscars@gmail.com
              Phone: 601-499-5133

      Our vehicles will most likely be high mileage vehicles that have been donated to the ministry. MCFMS vehicles may be driven in Mississippi or a contiguous state. If you need to make a long trip consider making plans for alternate transportation, i.e. renting or leasing a vehicle, flying, etc. if it is at all possible.

      A $150.00 Deposit is required to reserve a vehicle for your use. This deposit will be applied toward the last month's insurance cost. When you receive notice that a vehicle has been approved for your stateside visit, please send this deposit to the address in section J, "Communications". If you change your mind and do not notify us within 10 days of your scheduled vehicle pick-up date, no refund will be made on your deposit. (See the Deposit Policy as stipulated in the Auto Lease agreement).

      Because of the anticipated volume of requests, we will not be able to reserve cars a year or more in advance. Stateside visit changes cause many cancellations, leaving cars unused.

      Please make your vehicle request, no sooner than six months before your stateside visit begins, by providing the requested information on our secure 'Request A Vehicle' page. If you have further questions, please email us at: mcfmscars@gmail.com.

      The MCFMS mailing address is:

              Macedonian Call Foundation of Mississippi
              P.O. Box 156
              Ridgeland, MS 39158-0156

      To schedule a car pick-up or return or other questions call:

              Bob Haller, MCFMS
              Website: www.mcfms.org
              Email: mcfmscars@gmail.com
              Phone: 601-499-5133


      Don't drive long without checking all fluid levels.
      Don't drive without current liability insurance.
      Don't drive 1,500-3,000 miles without having routine servicing (oil, filter, etc.)
      Do return the car in condition comparable to when you received it.
      Do replace the tires when they wear out.
      Do polish the car to prevent rust and paint deterioration.
      Do upgrade the condition of the car. You are investing in the ministry of the next missionary who uses it.
      Do help us find other donors who for a tax deduction will provide more autos to meet the need of our missionaries on furlough and/or monetary donations to take care of the autos.

    Thank you for your consideration in these matters. We want to serve you because we love and appreciate each one of you.

    Macedonian Call Foundation of Mississippi

      For additional information, email us at mcfmscars@gmail.com.